Newborn and Toddler SiblingsBringing a new baby into a family with a toddler can be a little daunting. Toddlers can be particularly needy and may not be looking forward to no longer being the centre of attention. A great way to avoid any initial sibling jealousy is to buy a gift from the new baby for their older toddler brother or sister.

The gift can be given either when the toddler visits the new baby in the hospital or when the baby is brought home (or perhaps on both occasions to really double-down on the concept!) I’ve polled my friends who have been through this exact situation and researched even more into the available options to come up with 5 great gift ideas for siblings from a new baby.

Baby DollA Baby Doll

A toy baby is a great present to prepare your toddler for the new arrival. They will love to care for their very own baby and can change, feed and burp their baby while you care for their younger sibling. They can choose a name for their baby, make a birth certificate and follow along with all the new baby steps. It’s a great way for them to learn skills to be able to help you out for real – they can practice being gentle and how to hold a baby before you trust them with your new precious bundle of joy! Dolls and babies are not just for girls either, so don’t think that this present won’t work if your toddler is a boy.

Personalised Chair or Stool

This is a great present for a toddler when bringing their new brother or sister home from the hospital. Something that is personalised so they know it is just for them – one thing they won’t have to share. A spot with their name on will go a long way to making them feel special and important.  Just don’t be tempted to turn it into a naughty spot!


Teddy BearTeddy with voice recording

This is the perfect gift for a toddler to give them some reassurance and a little piece of you when you can’t give them your fullest attention, or when you are away in the hospital. Your voice saying a familiar phrase or telling them you love them (all the better if you can say their name in the recording too) can be a great comfort.

Big Brother or Big Sister Book

Books can be a great way to prepare your toddler for being a big brother or sister and explain things in a way they can understand. They will also love to have the time with you to sit down and read them together. My recommendation for toddlers would be I’m a Big Brother (or I’m a Big Sister) by Joanna Cole as this is aimed just right for 2-4 year olds,  using simple words and illustrations to show life with a baby. Another top sibling book is The Super Incredible Brother/Sister Book which can be personalised with their name and comes with a medal which would be appreciated by slightly older toddlers.

Travel sized version of a favourite toy or game

I would definitely recommend that you have a gift for your toddler when they first come to visit the baby – you could hide it in or under the baby’s cot to emphasize that the gift is from the new baby. A good idea for this kind of gift would be a travel or compact version of a game that they can play right there in the hospital, keeping them entertained for a pleasant first time visit!


I’ve touched on this a little, but the best tip for giving a toddler a present from a new baby is to spend time and play with them. Show them how to dress and feed the baby doll, read the books together and they will see that they aren’t going to be forgotten now they aren’t the youngest. I’m sure they will soon enjoy their new role as Big Brother or Sister.

Happy Siblings

Are you planning to buy your toddler a gift from the new baby? Or have you any experiences to share? I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment!