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Hi and Welcome to ToddlerGiftList.Com

I’m Susie, a work at home mother and the site founder!

I created as a place to share all my research and ideas found through buying the best presents for the toddlers in my life.

From ‘Clueless Auntie’…

The idea first began before I had any kids and I was just an Auntie. Not having children of my own I was completely clueless about what was age appropriate, useful, educational, or fun.  I spent forever searching through parenting sites, forums and online retailers looking for ideas to come up with the perfect gift.  I found it especially puzzling buying for younger children as they can’t even tell you what they want!

To ‘Frazzled New Mom’ ...

Once I had my own child, I thought things would be different, but apparently, they don’t give you a manual when you check out of the maternity hospital – who knew! So although I was a bit more clued up as to my own child’s needs and wants, I still had to do all the research to find out what was available, and with all the new mom friends I made, I had even more toddlers in my life to buy gifts for.  I found another consequence of being a mom – all my relatives wanted to know what to buy for my toddler’s Birthday and Christmas – so I was soon asked to provide them with gift lists too.Granny&GrandadPerth

To ‘Toddler Gift Ideas Guru’.

Fortunately, I really enjoyed doing this ‘virtual window shopping’ and seeing as I was working at home I found time to really research and seek out the best, most educational, most unique and most importantly, fun presents for toddlers. Seeing the joy on a 2 years old’s face when they get something that amazes them or the joy of their mother when she realises it will keep them entertained for hours was priceless! Somehow I became the go-to expert for my family and group of friends whenever they needed any toddler gift ideas, and I was happy to help save them time and stress.  My husband, who works with computers, encouraged and helped me to set up this site so that I can share my ideas to a wider audience.

So if you are looking for the best ideas for toddler presents, I hope you find something that helps you and makes the toddler in your life very happy!

Delighted Toddler


I plan to add new toddler gift ideas regularly and am working on publishing a holiday gift guide so do visit again!

If you have any ideas, questions or feedback for the site I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment or get in touch, my e-mail address is below.


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